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Every event is all about fun - for the participant, but also for us!

Our capital is not only original ideas, but also reliable subcontractors, carefully selected for each event. Our mission is to create events that build a positive image of the client and provide unforgettable emotions to their participants. We offer unconventional ideas and proven organizational solutions. Experienced professionals and passionate colleagues work on our projects. Their expertise includes creative and confident solutions, as well as innovative, modern event forms. Conferences, integrations and inspirational meetings, evening events, as well as trade show booths and their service are especially close to our heart. We make sure that the events we organize please at every stage - our clients, event participants, and ourselves.

This joy flowing during the next stages of the organization is no coincidence. Let's move back in time to give a little insight into how it all began....


It was my sixth birthday, I invited my friends, organized a joy-filled garden trick-or-treat on my own, asked my mother for a special cake, and on the tables stood relatively colorful for the 1980s plates, and on them were full of my favorite candies. I already knew what I wanted and how it should look, and my mother bravely endured my instructions. The party was unforgettable, both for me and for all the invited guests.


I then transferred this passion to school, where I organized performances, class, school and student events, always with the same energy, passion, commitment and joy.


Over the years, unexpectedly, though very naturally, I found myself in one of the first event agencies in Poland, where for nearly ten years I was responsible for organizing special events for major Polish and international brands.


For the past 15 years, I have been heading my own event and marketing agency, characterized by great creative potential and rich experience collected over nearly 25 years in the event field in Poland and abroad.


Most importantly for me, however, I take this entire journey with an abiding joy of creation and organization. In addition, I take care to create a team, carefully tailored to each project. I look around, inspire and surround myself with professionals with whom I know every event will be great!


Agata Pożywiłko - owner of ONE EVENT



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